From a Trainer to a Trainer....

I know what it's like to help people with their health and fitness goals.  I've been doing it for 25 years!  I've been fortunate enough to instruct a variety of exercise modalities to a wide range of individuals in private sessions and large group settings. And... I know what it takes to be the instructor of choice.  Our industry has the power to create real change.  It begins with YOU!  I want you to be ON POINT with your coaching and teaching so that you can experience success.   Are you ready to elevate your game?

What You'll learn

On Point is a way of doing what you do very well!

  • Your Why

    What drives your passion? Why are you a health and fitness professional? What gets you moving to help others achieve their goals?

  • How to Be Your Best

    Show up everyday delivering the best programs, the best classes, the best version of yourself!

  • How to Bring Out the Best

    Motivate clients to achieve their goals with positivity and confidence!

What others are saying

“I have learned from Julie over the last few years as her client in a studio setting, as her student in a teacher training setting, and as a colleague working in the same studio settings. Julie always demonstrates the utmost professionalism in her delivery of her courses. The courses are so well planned and executed, and easy to digest. I always finish her courses feeling inspired to continue working on my craft, armed with new knowledge and understanding that she effortlessly delivers and helps me to connect in my teaching as a fitness professional."”

Yoga and Pilates Instructor


“"Love Julie Valenzuela. She is so good at constantly changing my routine to work on different areas and build strength. She’s knowledgeable and fun to spend time with, too.””

Fitness Practitioner


These courses are designed to give health, fitness, and wellness instructors, coaches and trainers to provide better training sessions and classes for their clients. I'll raise your game by teaching you On Point techniques and strategies so that you will soon be the #1 choice!

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